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Beatrice Kateme-Byakika writes heartfelt songs about life, love and all the bittersweet spaces inbetween.

The London singer-songwriter - with roots in Kenya and Uganda - is gifted with a saccharine yet earnest voice that oscillates between longing and qualm, sensuality and restrain. She speaks of passion and heartbreak with candour, carrying a sea of emotion that can overwhelm your senses at any moment.

A seasoned artist with a career spanning over more than a decade, Beatrice had a first break with the song "Nilizaliwa", which was featured on BBC by the late Charlie Gillett and solidified her place as a songwriter.

The debut album Coming Home - a 2008 tribute to her multicultural heritage – became the spark that ignited several other projects, including the 2014 album Naked under the moniker Carmine Rose. In these releases you can hear echoes of East African and world music blending with classicpop and r&b, occasionally taking centre-stage.

In spite of the recent global adversities and much to the pleasure of her growing fanbase, Beatrice released several singles in 2020, amongst them “Slow Down”, a duet with fellow diaspora artist Gizzy Manora that received radio play both in Europe and North America. 


With a newfound creative drive and backed by a prolific relationship with producer Ivan Anchant, she is continuing on a path of artistic development and sharing her passion for beautiful lyrics and sounds. 

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